What Makes a Good Hospital

What Makes a Good Hospital?

So what makes a good hospital? The answer is simple, well for starters the quality of care is paramount. It is easy to see why this would be the case if you consider the level of expertise required to treat and provide the best possible healthcare to each and every individual. This is not a consideration of cost, we all pay for quality service no matter where we live and irrespective of whether we are rich or poor. But it is certainly true that the quality of service provided by hospitals has a profound impact on the way in which we view healthcare.

  1. We may all agree that the best hospital in Dubai provides some of the most compassionate and high-quality healthcare available anywhere in the world. However the problem is not just limited to the quality of service but is a direct consequence of the extremely long waiting times, patients find themselves in.
  2. The average waiting time for an induction into a ward is three hours. Some have been waiting much longer and in some cases longer than nine hours. If this is the standard then it is no surprise that most patients would be completely dissatisfied with their treatment and would not return to the hospital.
  3. Such long waits are not necessarily a problem for patients, but they are a major hindrance to the level of patient care that people receive at such institutions. Such hospitals need to change the way they treat patients in order to meet the needs of their patients. But unfortunately there seems to be very little interest by medical professionals in developing new techniques in patient care. Indeed there is very little interest in doing anything whatsoever to improve the level of patient care or the way hospitals treat their patients.
  4. What makes a good hospital then? It is obvious that such a hospital should offer its patients not only excellent hospital medical services but also comprehensive preventative health care, excellent family care and equally good, if not better, standard bed care and there should be a dermatologist in Dubai hospital as well. Such hospitals have all that is necessary to provide superior health care to their patients. They are probably very expensive and certainly do provide a superior level of patient-centered care. But is this enough?
  5. No patient should be left without timely access to the medical staff that is closest to him or her. If a hospital has the resources to develop a really good emergency room then it should be able to offer it to the community.