What does a construction equipment rental contract entail

What does a construction equipment rental contract entail?

Rented construction equipment often offers a more affordable method for you to accomplish certain tasks without overspending on an expensive machine or tool. However, like any rental purchase, there are several fundamental construction equipment rental tips that you must know to avoid encountering any difficulties in renting equipment. Rental equipment can be acquired in several different ways, some of which may include borrowing it from friends and family and purchasing it outright. Regardless, of which method you decide to use for renting construction equipment, there is always the risk that your rental equipment will not live up to your expectations.

Look for inspected equipment:

One of the most important considerations when selecting a construction equipment rental company is to make sure that the equipment has been inspected by an authorized inspector. Always remember that rental companies do not offer off-the-rack warranties with all rented items; therefore, the equipment you rent must be in pristine condition before signing a contract with the rental company. If the equipment that you rent malfunctions within a short period after the rental company has signed a contract with the individual renting the equipment, then you are legally entitled to compensation for the malfunction. 

Read the terms & conditions carefully:

Before signing any type of rental agreement, be sure to carefully read the terms of the contract and ask questions if you have any doubts about any aspects of the rental agreement. If you sign a contract with a construction equipment rental company that includes a return policy, make sure that this policy is clearly defined in the contract. 

Make sure the rental company takes care of equipment:

If your rented equipment malfunctions or breaks down on you, then you should make sure that the rental company takes care of the problem. For example, if the rented equipment needs to be shipped to a repair shop on your behalf, you should be told how much the rental company will charge to transport the machine back to the shop, and you should also be told how long the rental company will be able to keep the machine operational while it is being repaired. 

Review the documents:

Most construction equipment rentals services include documentation with their rental contracts. Before renting anything, you should review these documents with your assistant or attorney, who can advise you on the legalities of the contract and the details of its compliance with your state and local laws.