How to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day?

Happy mothers day

How to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day?

Want to express your Mother’s love to your Mom on Mother’s Day? Or perhaps you just want to spoil her with a wonderful gift. Flower delivery services make ordering flowers easy, but what kind of gift are you going to get? Most women love flowers, but how do you know what to get them?

Here are a few ideas for flower delivery in Dubai UAE:

Potted Plants:

Potted plants make a lovely Mother’s Day gifts; many florist companies offer a large variety of potted plants including flowering shrubs and flowering herbs, to help you choose an appropriate gift. When ordering these types of bouquets, remember that they can get a bit pricey. Plus, florists often add in stems and/or foliage at a fee, so make sure to factor that in when calculating how much you can spend. If your budget is quite tight, consider trying out a potted plant in a decorative container instead; some florist companies offer a large selection of pots at discounted prices if you order several months in advance.

Customized Bouquets:

Speaking of bouquets, flowers also make nice graduation gifts for your graduate-aged daughter or granddaughter. Choose a combination of hand-arranged stems and buds in the colors she loves, such as lilac, yellow, or peach. Flowers can also be given as thank you tokens for occasions other than Mother’s Day, including anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings. Sending a flower arrangement or bouquet shows that you were thinking of her; while flowers are a great way to say “thanks,” don’t send her flowers every day!

Benefits of Flower Delivery Service:

Free Shipping:

Flower delivery in Sharjah UAE offers free shipping and also has another advantage: you money on the price of floral arrangements. Many florists will provide you with the stems, pots, and accessories you need to create a stunning display, but you’ll pay less for it.


Some florists may even offer a discount on all floral arrangements sold in the store if you purchase them from them; check with your specific flower delivery services to find out if they offer any sort of deal on free shipping. Sometimes a discount code will be offered so that you’ll be able to take advantage of free shipping, or the store may offer their own coupon for free shipping, and you can use that to upgrade your order to the next level.